Crisis Care Support

About this service

Our Crisis Care Service is there to assist in a social care emergency where someone is suffering and requires support immediately.


Type of situations covered

  • Emergency support intervention for people living alone with Dementia
  • Emergency intervention for people living with no social/family support circle here
  • Sudden hospital admittance/discharge
  • End of Life Care Support
  • General Nursing intervention
  • Specialist Nursing intervention

How it works

Crisis care is an emergency social care solution that offers immediate temporary support to those in desperate situations. Our Crisis Care Team consists of experienced Carers and Nurses that can deal with complex situations and can attend to you within 4 hours of the call.


Our team will set up an emergency care package that will cover you for a maximum of 72 hours allowing them to meet your emergency care requirements whilst you or a person in charge of your wellbeing decides how to move forward in your best interest.

If you require hospitalisation, you are already hospitalised or due to be discharged without support, then the Crisis Team can liaise with the hospital professionals dealing with your situation on your behalf or the family to ensure a smooth communication process.


This service is best for

People who require support in a social care emergency or desperate situation.


Please note: we are not an ambulance service or a hospital.  If you or someone else has medical emergency, you must dial 112 for an ambulance and seek medical assistance immediatly


The benefits of this service?

  • Immediate care support for the person
  • Communication with family here in the Algarve or in another country
  • Prevents further accidents or incidents from happening
  • Comfort and peace of mind for both the person and the family in the initial crisis period
  • Assists with language barriers


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