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Algarve Care Services are an Award-Winning Community Care Company that coordinates and delivers long or short-term home care to older adults and people with disabilities living or staying temporarily in the Algarve.

Our team has been helping the expat community in Algarve since 2017 and below you can find some of the reviews our previous customers have left us
My wife recently underwent major surgery and we urgently needed some equipment for use in the shower and toilet. Algarve Care Services provided everything we needed at a very reasonable price. They were exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. We thoroughly recommend them.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Kris Badger

I am an occupational therapist who works in Canada, with parents who visit Portugal each winter. With age, my father was experiencing increased health issues, and I was very fortunate to have connected with Algarve Care Services to arrange care and safety equipment needs prior to their 2019 holiday visit. 
Algarve Care was immediately responsive, and with kindness and care they provided the necessary safety items to my parent's rented apartment upon their arrival. More importantly, they provided a care coordinator, Andie, who kindly kept in regular contact with them to address any further needs they had. My parents felt supported and I had confidence that they had access to the care that they needed to enjoy their time in the Algarve.
My father unfortunately fell ill during that holiday, and I traveled to Portugal as he was hospitalized. Algarve Care Services assisted me in planning and coordinating my dad's every changing needs, in and out of the hospital, right up until our departure to the airport.
We all felt reassured by the kind manner, understanding, and expertise of the Algarve Care team to assist us. I would confidently recommend their services to other individuals, couples and extended families who have loved ones needing care in Algarve.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Fiona Smith Bradley

Joan Smith from Canada. My husband and I visited the Algarve in March 2019 for our annual winter vacation. My husband had mobility issues, and in advance we contacted the Algarve Care Services, to rent the necessary equipment which was delivered to our hotel upon our arrival. The equipment was excellent and correct in every way. 
Also we were introduced to a member of their staff to help in any way that was required during our stay in the Algarve. 
My husband did require to be hospitalized, for an unrelated condition and the Algarve Care Services, continued to be there for both him and myself. Visiting the hospital and reassuring us, that we had their support. 
We could not have asked for better services, and we did arrive home safely in Canada, at the end of March 2018 as planned. What could have been a very difficult time, was made so much easier, by the care we received. From our early stay, until the end of our vacation. They went above and beyond their obligation to us. We recommend the Algarve Care Services without hesitation. 
Their future is secure, as they continue to deliver their services, to a very grateful clientele, both at home in Portugal, and those visiting from other countries. It could not have been better for us. Yours very truly Joan Smith
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Joan Smith

My husband has dementia and my initial plan was to come to the Algarve for a few months to get away from the English Winter. Unfortunately a month after our arrival, my husband's disease took a turning for the worse and I found myself needing some help.
I contacted Algarve Care Services and Kelly was amazing from the word go!! Communication with her is always very good. She is fast, very friendly, easy to talk to and always upfront with information. Kelly asked me when I would like to start and from my 1st enquiry phone call to the first "official" visit of the carer, it was a matter of days. Algarve Care Service is meticulous in its care to the customer, and they pay vast attention to detail as they really do put your fears and doubts at bay. The carers are wonderful, they are loving and very caring.
You will really have peace of mind if you hire Algarve Care Services. Thanks to them I have been able to have my well deserved breaks and am able to continue caring for my husband. I highly recommend Kelly and her team. If you need short term, long term or ANY help with any situation, you can rest assured that Kelly will take good care of you and she will sort everything out!!
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Marisete Penketh

My Aunts carers have always been so helpful and friendly since i have known them and if there are any problems they always sort them out as soon as possible. Both of them seem to enjoy their jobs and they are always cheerful and happy. As for the company and the Management team, they also help me when something needs sorting out and Andie always seems to be a very caring person like the carers.
Thank you for taking such good care of my Aunt, I know she is safe with Algarve Care Services and their team of proffessionals.
I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Stuart Freeman

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Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Micheal Harrington

I needed to use the support services of Algarve Care Services in March 2020 for my husband, as I had to leave the country. He has Parkinson's and he doesn't move anymore, besides needing food and all assisted care. Since the first contacts I had with the person in charge of the company Mrs. Kelly, I felt very comfortable and supported in my concerns and needs. 
She had a complete understanding of what I needed at that moment with this support for my husband. The carer who Kelly allocated, was very responsible, careful, attentive, patient and helpful. 
I spent the 1st day with her to explain all the house routine and care for my husband and everything went very well. Then, while I was away, I made daily videos with the carer to talk to my husband. I only have praise for the company and the chosen Caregiver. I feel safe to indicate this care to anyone who needs it. It was an excellent experience.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Denise Mendes

What impressed me the most with Algarve Care Services was the speed that the care was set up. I had to travel from the UK to Portugal and Andie accommodated me straight away, setting up a meeting to meet with myself and my Aunt at the hospital and was able to put the care in place within 24 hours- this was crucial as I had to travel back a day later. It was also important that only 2 carers were assigned to my Aunt and this provided consistency which was important in order that my Aunt allowed people to care for her which she had never done or had to do before.
Suggestions would be more flexibility to change between a short term and medium term care as you are not always sure how long the care is needed. However, I appreciated the flexibility the company was able to offer in relation to the hours.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Liz McTear

Best care and nursing staff I've ever had! Care & service above and beyond expectations. Excellent understanding of the complex health condition. Care was adapted at each daily visit depending on the condition of the patient, ensuring no issue was popping up. They made the stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Very good and easy communication (despite very low English level of patient). Wish the team could move to Belgium to continue benefit from the carers. In the meantime we will be able to enjoy Algarve much more often knowing that the team will take care of the required daily cares.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Elodie Tuyttens

What an amazing team. Professional, hard working and dedicated to the care of your loved ones. Andie primarily looked after my 11 year old boy who has complex needs with such passion and delight while we were on holiday.
She arranged wonderful trips out and the level of care was top notch. She took time to understand his needs and preferences and made every day special. Thank you so much, it was a super holiday.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Helen Grimes

I recently underwent foot surgery, and as I live alone required supportive services after returning home. The team from Algarve Care Services did a thorough assessment of my situation, and collaborated with me to provide the appropriate level of care, and equipment I would need. Everyone was very professional, kind, and caring. The care givers were all exceptional, and cheerfully and efficiently provided the assistance I required. I am functioning independently now, but am grateful to everyone from this service who helped me get through a difficult time. I would not hesitate to use the agency again should the need arise.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Christine Burt

I wish to thank you personally for sending your Care Team to me. My Carers were a great source of help, assistance and information and very caring people.
We got on really well together and their support and attention helped me enormously to get back on track.
THANK YOU and please pass on my thanks and gratitude to your Care Team
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Elsie Cook

I am writing on behalf of my husband, Stephen, to say a great thank you to the staff of your company for the care we received during the summer of 2019. Having your carers there to support us made our time in Portugal possible. Both carers are lovely people for whom nothing was too much trouble. They were kind, efficient and always sensitive to our needs. We would both like to express our gratitude.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Lesley and Stephen

Myself & my son Jacob 10 years with complex special needs travelled out to the Algarve in June 2019. I am a lone parent who loves Portugal and didn’t want to miss out on a holiday with my son. I can only praise the staff especially Kelly, Andie & Adele their care & support was so personal and friendly.
Unfortunately we had some ‘hotel problems’ and they really supported myself and Jacob. Kelly even came out one evening to make sure we were ok to make sure we were supported.
I totally trusted them and they were brilliant with Jacob who can be challenging.
Thank you guys ‘we will be back
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Suzanna Haslam

Recently, on the Algarve, a complex chain of events befell our family - taking some unexpected and unplanned turns.
As a result, the health, wellbeing, and sheer survival of one particularly vulnerable, elderly family member was put sharply into focus. Thankfully, some weeks earlier, we had had a preliminary meeting with Kelly and Jon Harper, from Algarve Care Services, who had explained their range of services to us. 
There was no pressure to 'sign up' at that initial meeting - merely the wish by Kelly and Jon for us to know all that they could offer, if and when the time came for their services to be required. A few weeks later, when circumstances had spiralled badly and we needed urgent help that didn't appear to exist from any other quarter, we were SO glad that we had Algarve Care Services available at the end of the phone. 
Their good advice, practical support, willingness and ability to create timely solutions to the very real problems that the family had was just superb. I can honestly say that, had it not been for their steady hand and professional approach to our crises, one much-loved member of our family would probably not still be with us today. I cannot praise Kelly, Jon and their team enough...they are truly lifesavers! 
I say all of this of my own free will but, if you're seeking an organisation that treats your family with the same degree of respect, dignity and concern that you would treat them with, then look no further than Algarve Care Services.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Michael Shepherd

I am forever grateful to Kelly and her team for helping us do the best that we could for our Mum when she was in the final stages of MS living in Guia. The quality of the English speaking carers was superb with Alex and April bringing some moments of laughter and fun on their regular visits. The flexibility of the Care Package towards the end was invaluable and Algarve Care were able to put an emergency plan in place to enable our Mother to die with dignity at home. I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without the support of Antonio ( their Nurse in Charge) who went above and beyond in helping us deal with a very stressful period at Faro Hospital and then in the final days at home. Even now, 2 months on, Kelly is still supporting and willing to help us by bringing a few personal items back to the UK.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Juliette Dickinson

Kelly and her team did a great job looking after my father post a serious hip operation. They responded very quickly to the request for help and fitted in around my father's needs and helped him to recuperate whilst in the algarve. I would recommend Algarve Care Services to anyone looking for a caring and dedicated team.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

David Beck

Hello Kelly, I have been going abroad for years and I have Cerebral Palsy and I have never come across a Care Service type of company like yours before. I found your company a blessing because I have stiffened up the last few years and the care your company gave me a hour each day in the morning make a lot of difference for me and my family and friends, it eased the pressure and it was a great peace on mind, it allowed us all enjoy our holiday more. Maria was excellent and very caring and we got on well. I will definitely be using your company again. I will also be hiring a scooter from you and the walker.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Andrew James Miller

After encountering an experience with Algarve Care Services and how they work with their clients, I have to say the dedication and care provided is exceptional. Clients are prioritised and treated like family. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone who is considering care and support for their loved ones.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Lynette Violante

I have been visiting the Algarve for over 25yrs, My mother lives there, I have friends who have retired and run business there, so I know how things are. Recently my mother needed care and i had to find a service which I was expecting to not be that good. However I was very fortunate to find Algarve Care Service (ACS), Kelly who runs it and her team; has provided a service to date that has been better than I expected they have dealt with all my mothers requirements in a prompt and professional manner. A few early issues were soon sorted. I am sure Kelly and her team will do very well if they continue to make this kind of progress.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Micheal Harrington

Kelly jumped in to help me with my dear friend, who was ill and alone. Although the financials were limited, Kelly gave of herself and her time, to help sort out the possibilities for care. In my absence, she even took the initiative to visit my friend in the hospital and to send me feedback. Although my friend soon passed away, and Kelly's services were no longer needed, I appreciate with my whole heart her professionalism and kindness. She earned five stars. *****
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Susan Schlessinger

I have worked in partnership with Algarve Care Services and seen how Kelly has worked to create an excellent team who provide care across the Algarve. With the Compassion,Care, Trust , Confidence and Wealth of Experience this team have, it is without doubt that I would recommend you hire an expert for your family. You will not be disappointed with ACS
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Sharon Wilson

I recommended Kelly and the team at Algarve Care Services to my friend when she broke her ankle. Kelly was super efficient in getting everything into place so my friend could receive the support she needed. The carers were great, my friend couldn't have wished for a better service. I highly recommend Algarve Care Services, they are just wonderful.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Donna McFadden

Kelly jumped in to help me with my dear friend, who was ill and alone. Although the financials were limited, Kelly gave of herself and her time, to help sort out the possibilities for care. In my absence, she even took the initiative to visit my friend in the hospital and to send me feedback. Although my friend soon passed away, and Kelly's services were no longer needed, I appreciate with my whole heart her professionalism and kindness. She earned five stars. *****
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Micheal Harrington

When I visited an old friend in the terminal cancer ward at a Government hospital in the Algarve, I was horrified by the thought of him dying alone in such a depressing environment and promised that I would arrange to get him home to spend his last days with his dog. I approached Kelly at Algarve Care Services and she and her nurses did a magnificent job in keeping him alive and relatively perky, not just days, but almost six months! He developed a warm relationship with the nurses who cared for him day and night and was able to spend his remaining months peacefully and with some dignity. I cannot imagine better care for someone suffering terminal cancer than that provided by Algarve Care Services
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

David Crichton Watt

Tim and I cannot thank Algarve Care Services enough, we actually had a holiday! They arranged 2 carers for two hours each morning to get Tim up and ready for the day, Alex, Sandy and Adele, were all kind, caring and fun! They arrived on time, bright and breezy. I was able to have a swim each morning knowing that Tim was in good hands. Andy made sure that everything went smoothly.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Sue N.

I contacted Kelly when my Dad was ill in hospital in Portugal, looking for some home care after he was discharged.
She came and met him and put some plans in place for home care and arranged for her colleagues to keep in touch and keep me updated on the situaton, which put my mind at ease as I live in England - thanks to Kelly, Andie, Kai and the team! Highly recommended!
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

James P.

We used Kelly and Algarve Care and Support when we holidayed in August 2018 with my disabled father. Kelly came out to us every morning to the Villa where we stayed in Guia. She spent an hour with my Father every morning getting him ready for the day ahead. She was superb. My Father has carers in the UK also and wishes Kelly was his carer at home! Kelly even took my Dad out for the day when the rest of the family planned a boat trip that he was unable to attend. I would recommend Algarve Care to anyone.
Algarve care Award Winning Agency Portugal

Sue F.

Algarve Care Services

Algarve Care Services are an Award Winning Homecare Provider that coordinates and delivers quality care to older adults and adults with disabilities.
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