I have been visiting the Algarve for over 25yrs, My mother lives there, I have friends who have retired and run business there, so I know how things are. Recently my mother needed care and i had to find a service which I was expecting to not be that good. However I was very fortunate to find Algarve Care Service (ACS), Kelly who runs it and her team; has provided a service to date that has been better than I expected they have dealt with all my mothers requirements in a prompt and professional manner. A few early issues were soon sorted. I am sure Kelly and her team will do very well if they continue to make this kind of progress. 

Robin Singh

Kelly jumped in to help me with my dear friend, who was ill and alone. Although the financials were limited, Kelly gave of herself and her time, to help sort out the possibilities for care. In my absence, she even took the initiative to visit my friend in the hospital and to send me feedback. Although my friend soon passed away, and Kelly's services were no longer needed, I appreciate with my whole heart her professionalism and kindness. She earned five stars. *****

Susan Schlessinger

I have worked in partnership with Algarve Care Services and seen how Kelly has worked to create an excellent team who provide care across the Algarve. With the Compassion,Care, Trust , Confidence and Wealth of Experience this team have, it is without doubt that I would recommend you hire an expert for your family. You will not be disappointed with ACS

Sharon Wilson

I haven't used Algarve care services yet but Kelly was so helpful with giving me all the information I needed, if I need help I wouldn't hesitate to use Algarve Care Services.

David King

Kai and Fernando were a huge help to my husband and I over a period of 9 weeks. Their kindness, patience and professionalism are what made our time in Portugal possible. I cannot thank them enough.

Lesley Knight
I recommended Kelly and the team at Algarve Care Services to my friend when she broke her ankle. Kelly was super efficient in getting everything into place so my friend could receive the support she needed. The carers were great, my friend couldn't have wished for a better service. I highly recommend Algarve Care Services, they are just wonderful.
Donna McFadden

When I visited an old friend in the terminal cancer ward at a Government hospital in the Algarve, I was horrified by the thought of him dying alone in such a depressing environment and promised that I would arrange to get him home to spend his last days with his dog. I approached Kelly at Algarve Care Services and she and her nurses did a magnificent job in keeping him alive and relatively perky, not just days, but almost six months! He developed a warm relationship with the nurses who cared for him day and night and was able to spend his remaining months peacefully and with some dignity. I cannot imagine better care for someone suffering terminal cancer than that provided by Algarve Care Services. DCW, 12/09/2019

David Crichton Watt

I would highly recommend Kelly and her team. She came at very short notice to care for my wife, always bright and cheerful and nothing was too much trouble.

Its a family tradition on both sides that we holiday at least once a year with our parents. We were especially delighted this year to have my 88 year old Dad with us whose holiday was assisted greatly by the support of Sue each morning. Thank you to Kelly, Andrea, Sue and Dayane for your help! Well done and renewed thanks! The Carroll's
Kenneth Carroll

Tim and I cannot thank Algarve Care Services enough, we actually had a holiday! They arranged 2 carers for two hours each morning to get Tim up and ready for the day, Alex, Sandy and Adele, were all kind, caring and fun! They arrived on time, bright and breezy. I was able to have a swim each morning knowing that Tim was in good hands. Andy made sure that everything went smoothly.

Sue N.