Simple Care Services

About this service

Simple Care meets the basic needs of individuals who require care but are on a low budget.

Our Simple Care Service is a contracted service that operates across the Algarve and assists several clients on a rota basis during the morning, afternoon, and evening periods.

Type of care tasks covered

  • Personal hygiene and assistance to wash and dress
  • Mobility and transferring support
  • Washing and laundry assistance
  • Mealtime prep and support
  • Medication prompting
  • Toileting and Incontinence support

How it works

Our Simple Care Service allows one person to be cared for in their home daily or on select days of the week.

Schedules are limited to maximum of 3 visits per day for a maximum of 45 minutes per visit and work on time attendance periods as opposed to set times of arrival. For example, your morning visit will be made between 07:00hrs and 10:00hrs and your evening visit will be made between 19:00hrs and 21:00hrs but you will not be given a set time the care team will arrive.

The visit period times are set and cannot be changed.

All your basic care needs will be met in line with your care plan during the visit, but times must be strictly adhered to a maximum of 45 minutes and your care team may vary each visit.


This service is best for…

Those who are a low income but require the support of a reliable care team or those that only require very basic care and can be flexible with the times of their care visits.


The benefits of this service

  • Low hourly care rates
  • All basic care requirements are met


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