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In today’s world, as the population of elderly, vulnerable people increase, Care Assistants are increasingly in demand. Often perceived as an unskilled profession, people underestimate what it takes to care for a family member, or someone else’s loved one.

Like no other profession, people that work in Health and Social Care have a certain demeanour, they have particular characteristics that consciously attract them to helping and giving, it’s a trait some people naturally possess. Those who genuinely carry passion and empathy deep within their heart have the foundations of a great carer.

At Algarve Care Services we understand that no matter where you are in the world there will always be vulnerable people in society that need support. With kind, caring people in our team, we may not be able to change the world all at once, but with your help, we can make a difference to as many people’s lives as possible, if you have got what it takes to care.

How our values are represented in recruitment

Our values represent all the people that we work with as a company whether you are a supplier, a client or someone else. One of our most important values is to promote dignity, independence, and choice through giving people a voice that is heard.

We believe that listening and respecting what others say and do opens the door to making a difference, we want to recruit people and empower them to talk to us about their experience, provide ideas and input to help them become the best and help others live their best life.
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What we look for in a Carer

Following a comprehensive care plan, our Care Assistants work closely with the client and their family to assist the client’s particular needs. Some clients may be suffering from a range of complications, which could result in more detailed care skills being required.
As a minimum benchmark we would expect you to hold the following skills and characteristics:
Compassion and empathy
Excellent communication skills
A friendly and approachable manner
Patience and sensitivit
An ability to work calmly under pressure
A problem-solving nature
An ability to quickly establish relationships with clients and their families
When we spoke to our Regional Care Managers about what they are looking for in their team, they told us:

“A caring attitude, the desire and passion to want to help others. It’s not always about the experience but an individual’s attitude towards the care sector.”
E “Empathy, good listening skills, patience and the right attitude towards the job. I look for care workers who are passionate, respectful and have plenty of empathy. They must be reliable, caring, patient and observant too”.

“I also look for people who have a vision for making a difference in the lives of our service users and do everything that they can to deliver outstanding care."

The role of a Carer

As a Care Assistant, it’s your duty to provide support and improve the lives of the people you are assigned to, with Algarve Care Services these people include elderly people and people with addiction, disabilities or learning difficulties.
Algarve Care Services predominantly provide homecare to English speaking people so you will commonly find that the client’s primary spoken language is from another country rather than Portugal and they may not speak Portuguese or languages other than English.
You’ll need to assist them with a range of everyday tasks, such as dressing, feeding and washing, in addition to these tasks you may also be required to assist your client with shopping, cooking, light cleaning, exercise and community social interaction activities. More specific needs may also need attending to.
Depending on the role you take on and the level of care the client requires, the duties can vary, no assignment is the same. You must be prepared to work with an open mind and with common sense when it comes to client expectations and do your very best to meet and exceed their needs.

Mandatory paperwork requirements

To work as a part of our team you must have a few non-negotiable essentials all of which our Recruitment Team can guide you with and help you obtain.

You must…
Work as a self-employed person through the Green Receipt Scheme (Receibo Verde) conducted through the Finances online portal.
Obtain a clear Criminal Record Check (every 3 months)
Have a Portuguese Banking Account to receive payment.
Provide a certificate of Portuguese Registered Self-Employed Workers insurance
Be able to communicate in both written and spoken English

What we offer in exchange

Becoming a part of the award-winning Algarve Care Services team gives you access to a range of career opportunities and benefits.

In return for your commitment, we offer:
Excellent rates of pay
Flexible hours
A Full induction
Uniform T-shirt
50hrs minimum of Continuous Professional Development per year
Various career path opportunities
Reward and Recognition Scheme

Induction, training and development

We pride ourselves on providing the best care for our clients and to do that we must have the best team of Carers.
Training and development within the team is imperative for us as a business and helps us to nurture well-respected, skilled, and competent Carers.
Algarve Care Services use a range of training methods to ensure all our Carers receive the right development in their role. We provide a thorough induction programme to all new Carers, regularly review their performance, and help our Carers to obtain the skills they require to do their job as well as develop them in other areas of interest.
In return we expect all members of our Care Team to attend mandatory training sessions as well as take a keen interest in maintaining and updating their own knowledge by developing their personal CPD record.

Next steps

If you are interested in working with us, please click on the button below to complete and submit your details, we will notify you as soon as we have processed your details. Please note this process normally take between 1 and 5 days.

Algarve Care Services

Algarve Care Services are an Award Winning Homecare Provider that coordinates and delivers quality care to older adults and adults with disabilities.
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